Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quilting Mischief

I have a friend whose husband used to say we were up to "quilting mischief" whenever we would head out to visit quilt stores, have lunch, have fun! Well, yesterday I have to say that's what I was doing. I was up to "quilting mischief!"

A friend and I went to several quilt stores.....just to look, mind you. These were stores my friend hadn't been to and I wanted to get out and look around. I thought I was doing so well, just looking and admiring the quilts, fabrics, ambience of the stores.

That is until we hit the 3rd store. They were having a sale, 5 fat quarters for $10. This store has the sale frequently and I knew that. However, I was drawn to these fabrics. Have been for a long time. I picked them up one by one, gathering a group, imagining what could be done.

Then I talked myself out of them, put them down and went wandering around, looking at other stuff. But I couldn't let it go. I came back to the fabric several times before I decided I had to have them!

Fabric addiction is a sad thing. On the other hand, $30 is a small price to pay for joy. I really enjoy looking at them. I will enjoy working with them. I will enjoy whatever project I make with them. I will more than likely have extra fabric to make more than one project and then another person will have joy when I give it away. Look how much joy this group of fabrics will bring!

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