Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Books

I recently picked up this book because I just loved a Santa pattern in it. I know some have trouble with the Buggy Barn way of stacking, whacking, and sewing but I love it! I find it liberating when getting the blocks together and then measuring them up. No stress about making the block a certain size. Just find the smallest one and cut the others to match! How great is that?

This book is so much fun to look through and read! I was itching to get going on some words. I follow her blog ( - it's on my sidebar) and she made a request for the words "bah" and "humbug" using certain colors and "bug" fabric. How cute is that? Well, I made my first foray into words making a humbug block and I really enjoyed it! I know I should have posted a picture of it but the battery on the camera needed some juice so that will have to wait. Anyway, I am hooked on word blocks and am looking forward to some word quilts in my future. Stay tuned!