Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Overdue Finish

I actually finished this quilt back in January (I think) but I'm embarrassed to say I didn't get it mailed out to the recipient until a couple of weeks ago. What's worse is this quilt was started over two years ago! My brother in law and his wife visited us and loved a flannel quilt I had made for my husband. So, flannel it was and then when I saw a quilt along on Melissa's Happy Quilting blog with a pattern I couldn't wait to try, I had to go forward.  I just didn't expect for it to take so long! I had foolishly promised quilts to all my in-laws almost four years ago when they were visiting us when my husband retired from the Air Force. But....I did warn them I would be slow in getting them out. This is the second of five so I still have three more quilts to do!

I did have a few issues when I made this quilt. First of all I decided that if I ever do another flannel quilt it will have fewer pieces. The thickness of the fabric made some of the seams almost unmanageable. Flannel also leaves a lot of lint! I would stop periodically while piecing and quilting and clean it out. Also, while I love this pattern, I didn't know that some of the corners would be cut off and that's how it was supposed to be. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong until I finally went back and read a post and saw that it was fine. I also started putting it together before reading all the directions so I ended up working harder than I would have otherwise. Next time I'll be sure to "read the fine print!"

 I have another quilt finish I'll share next week. It too was finished in January. I'm thinking I need to get back to sewing so I'll have something exciting to talk about rather than finishes I've done in the past few months! Thanks to Richard and Tanya Quilts and their Friday Finishes. I'm thinking if it wasn't for their focus on linking finishes I might not ever get to posting! Thanks for visiting!