Friday, August 16, 2013

On the Needles - August 16, 2013

I haven't been posting my progress all along but here's where I am now. I'm further along than I thought I'd be! I had to put it on the carpet for a photo because there wasn't enough contrast on other surfaces.

I'm on the 7th of 8 wings and then I'll be binding off. I guess I better learn how to do that before I can finish it! I find it interesting that I've come to enjoy knitting. It is rather relaxing, although I have had my moments of frustration. I had to hunt down how to fix dropped stitches on the internet and almost took out a good number of rows because of it. My husband convinced me to leave it as it was but I think I will have go back with a sharpie and touch up some of the color issues I noticed. I suppose that's the danger with the variegated yarns...mistakes show up more.

One thing I've struggled with is my color choice. I was less than halfway through the project before I decided I really didn't like the yarn I chose. I thought about quitting but then realized finishing would be better as I could give it a different home once I'm done and the practice was good for me. I may have to do this pattern again as it was easy to follow and I didn't have to constantly refer to the pattern. When winter comes around I'm thinking I'll like having that yarn scarf around my shoulders and I really like the design. One thing I know is that I will have to go hunt down some yarn stores in my area and find better choices than I was able to find at Joann's. All in all I'm excited to be this far along and find something new that I enjoy!