Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sewing and Thunderstorms

I am spending the day sewing and doing laundry. Was doing great in the sewing room and then a storm moved in. Years ago I never worried about sewing during storms. That was when I lived in Oklahoma. In the spring, if you only sewed when there weren't storms you spent little time sewing. Of course that was also the day when I didn't have a sewing machine with a computer inside it.

These days I unplug my sewing machines whenever I'm not using them, even though I plug them into surge protectors when I do sew. I don't know why I do that. The surge protectors are rated for a pretty good surge. But....if something were to happen I'd be kicking myself afterwards. My husband thinks I'm being silly. I unplug my computer when I see lightning outside. He doesn't worry too much about it.

So, I'm waiting for the storm to pass. I could do some handwork, since I do have a binding to put on a wall quilt. However, I usually like to save that for the evening, working in front of the television.

I do have a basket full of scraps though. I think I'll go cut them into strips and squares. After seeing numerous blogs about managing stash and what to do with strips and squares I am motivated. Someday I may have a picture of something made out of my scraps. Stay tuned.

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