Friday, November 26, 2010

15 Minutes Challenge

I posted this on the blog 15 minutes Play (see my blog list). The challenge was to play 15 minutes a day on something for 30 days and post what you're doing and your thinking as you go along.

Well...I have to admit I've been breaking the "rules" some by not working 15 minutes a day on this. I've missed some days and worked much longer other days. I've also thought ahead and did some planning instead of letting serendipity take me along for a ride. I got on the idea of doing something with diamonds and I planned a little more about what fabrics I would use and where I would use them. Guess that's the control freak in me.

But.....I have been having a blast working on this and can't wait to see how it all comes together as there really is no plan. Right now I want to finish the edges with the lime green and after that I don't know! Isn't that great??!!

Maybe I'm not such a control freak after all!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Not Halloween, but....

It's not Halloween but I had to post the photos of some fabrics I picked up recently. I've never been that big into Halloween but I have to admit it's growing on me. I was out in California for Halloween and managed to visit 2 quilt stores while there. Of course once Halloween passed, the fabric was on sale. Now how can a person resist a good sale? Managed to pick up several fabrics but I knew I needed more so what better reason to go shop once I got home? And because it was more than a week past Halloween I even got a better deal! So now I have the fabric and almost a year to contemplate what I'll make so I can be ready next year. Let's hope I get on it before then!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early Christmas

I know Thanksgiving is next week but I couldn't help sharing my early Christmas present! I have entered so many giveaways with no luck so I finally decided to look into purchasing one. Luckily for me, Quilt Taffy had a fantastic sale which included free shipping. Well, that sealed the deal for me!

I tried to decide which extra die I would purchase. There were so many choices! I decided on the hexagon because I want to make a Grandmother's flower garden quilt and the idea of cutting out all those hexagons just made me cringe. Now it'll be so easy! That and the reusable paper pieces you can buy made it a done deal for me. Once I order those, I'll have no excuses!

So....I'm thinking I might order another die or two...can I say using the GO! is addicting??!!'ll probably have to wait because...I'm heading out to a store tomorrow where I just might get another early Christmas present. Wow! What a great Christmas it's already been!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!

It's good to be back! Actually, I've been home for a week now but have been done in by the things I needed to do around here. Since I haven't been sewing (what's with that?) I thought I would add a little bit of eye candy.

I ordered the Paganini pattern and can't wait to get started on it! Not sure what fabric I'll use but I did pick up a couple of charm packs of Martinique when I went on a shop hop with friends.

About the Day Z Love from Lakehouse....I adore this fabric.

A couple of years ago I used the yardage I had (it wasn't much) for a charity quilt. And I've thought about that quilt many times since then. I loved the quilt....of the quilts I've made it's one of my favorites.

I've been trying to find this fabric since then but had no luck at all. Until a couple of weeks ago.

I thought I'd check Ebay once again (I'd done this a number of times in the past) and lo and behold there it was! So I had my husband order it (he's the Ebay expert in the family).

I really wanted to be here the day it arrived but alas, I had to wait it out till I came home. And I love it still!

Now it's waiting until I can duplicate the quilt....or perhaps I'll make something else, but at least I have the fabric...3 yds of it. Woohoo!!