Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Finish Line

Harvest Goose Chase is done! And not a moment too soon since the auction is Saturday night! What a sense of relief, especially since I had so many issues in getting this completed. But what a relief! I feel really good and now wondering what I'll be working on next. Well, I actually know what I'll be doing. I have a friend that moved over the summer and I started a small wall hanging for her. Unfortunately it didn't get done in time and with all my travels over the summer and the auction quilt...well, you know the story. But....I do have it pieced. All I need to do is quilt it, make some yo-yo flowers for it, and bind it and then I can send it on its merry way. It's way overdue and I don't want to make her wait any more....3 months is long enough!