Monday, October 18, 2010

Sew Scraps Sew-along

I've decided to join in on the fun over at Pleasant Home for the Sew Scraps Sew-along. Click on the tab to the right and check it out.

My scraps are not organized at all and are found in several locations in my sewing room. After seeing numerous posts in blogland I got inspired and started cutting some into strips and squares of varying sizes for future scrap projects. However, I feel like it will take me forever to tame those scraps. I'm hoping to get some guidance on how I go about doing so.

I've seen scraps organized by size and color. But I wonder.....what do you do with multicolored pieces that don't read as a single color? Do you put them in a separate category or do you collect them by type, ie children's novelty? And how big of a scrap do you keep? Do I throw away the pieces less than 2 inch square?

Wouldn't it be great if there were a scrap fairy to come along and organize everything for me? Wave a wand and poof! all done. But...back to reality....there is no genie coming to tame everything, it's going to have to be done by moi. But....I am really hoping by following this sew-along, I'll get hints and tips and make some cute things along the way. Come and join me!