Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Shoji Garden"

I finally finished this last week. I saw a similar quilt when I was visiting my family in Sacramento in January/February. Went to a quilt show and fell in love with the quilt so I had to come home and make it. Wish I knew the designer of the quilt. I didn't use a pattern, just copied the visual.

I'd been collecting oriental fabrics affinity probably because my mother is Japanese. I made my mother a Grandmother's Fan quilt using orientals and the cream in the borders and sashing is left over from that quilt. This quilt is going to be a gift for my older sister.

I really disappointed myself with the quilting on this. I learned a valuable lesson...or shall I say lessons. One...don't be in a hurry (which I was) and two...stretch yourself and experiment. Being a relatively new longarm quilter I was afraid to mess up the quilt with stitching. I feel like I messed up the quilt anyway because I made the overall meander too large. I had the opportunity to make this quilt a spectacular quilt with custom stitching but was in too much of a hurry and afraid. Next time I "mess" up a quilt I want it to be because I didn't get the effect I wanted but knowing I tried to learn and do something new. Don't get me wrong, I still love the quilt and I know it will be greatly appreciated, but I also know what it could have been.