Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Books

I recently picked up this book because I just loved a Santa pattern in it. I know some have trouble with the Buggy Barn way of stacking, whacking, and sewing but I love it! I find it liberating when getting the blocks together and then measuring them up. No stress about making the block a certain size. Just find the smallest one and cut the others to match! How great is that?

This book is so much fun to look through and read! I was itching to get going on some words. I follow her blog ( - it's on my sidebar) and she made a request for the words "bah" and "humbug" using certain colors and "bug" fabric. How cute is that? Well, I made my first foray into words making a humbug block and I really enjoyed it! I know I should have posted a picture of it but the battery on the camera needed some juice so that will have to wait. Anyway, I am hooked on word blocks and am looking forward to some word quilts in my future. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Projects

The past few days I've actually finished a number of projects! The first one was a cover for the EReader my husband bought me for Christmas. He had looked for a cover and couldn't find one and I was supposed to order one online, however, I wanted to take it with me and didn't want to wait, so I made one! I looked around on the web and took ideas here and there.

I also finished a couple of mug rugs that I was supposed to finish before Christmas. Given I didn't get my tree up till a couple days before the 25th, it didn't surprise me I didn't finish them until this week! I used some autumnal scraps for a friend who liked a quilt I had made for a charity auction on one and the other was made with some purchased fat quarters. They match fabric my friend bought on a shop hop we went on together.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year....or Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu as my mother would say!

New Year's is all about resolutions and fresh starts. I can list 100 resolutions, you know, like losing weight, getting more exercise, being organized, etc. In fact I should list those as I could benefit from each one! Those will be on my mind as 2011 goes on, but since I have this passion for quilting and this blog is mainly about quilting I feel I need to list my quilting resolutions. So here they are:

Do more sewing! Now I know this sounds simple and it should be simple but sometimes I find myself doing everything else or nothing in particular and days go by without me even taking a peek into my sewing room. Sewing makes me happy so what's the deal? So...I resolve to do more sewing!

Get my scraps in order. I throw my scraps all together. I've seen various posts in blogland on how to organize them and I will try to implement some of what I've by color, cutting them down to various sizes, etc. I may not get all my old scraps like this but I resolve to do that with any new scraps I generate.

List my finishes. This seems simple, but when I think back to 2010, I don't know that I can list everything quilt related I've done. It's made especially hard when you give away things so you can't see what you've done. I actually do take pictures of what I've done but those photos aren't organized in the proper way either. So, I will list my finishes on this blog with photos too. (I hope I can make it work!)

I was going to list more resolutions and then thought...those 3 should be a good start to the year. So, I'll leave it at that. Here's to sewing happiness and looking forward to 2011 as a very good year!